The western industry’s greatest challenge when accessing to the Asian industrial markets, lies on the lack of control and the insufficient access to the engineering and management ‘s inner layers. The absence of communication and understanding with the producer itself will disturb your projects. The cultural and language barriers, the differences in production standards and long-term goals, they all tend to appear when developing or manufacturing a product in Asia.Delayed timetables and weakened projects. Increasing budget and resources, blocking the advance into the expected goals.

The industrial fabric of China is arranged in concentric layers around the final producer, forming a commercial barrier of subcontractors: Export & trading companies or even pure commercial agents, whose in most cases lack the industrial knowledge and tend to remain unaware of the product user’s goals.

We provide solutions for the relocation of all the productive processes or just part of them: Technology transfers. Pre-assemblies. Confidentiality, Certifications and Quality management. Coordinated Logistic Solutions. Local Outsourcing and Productive Areas Location.

Our main policy is the direct communication with our client’s technical personnel, to enable the full absorption of their projects and to assure the required added value for every single project. We are committed to become the most practical extension of your engineering, purchase or quality departments at the first origin of the productive chain.

1.Building Materials

2.Swimming Pool Equipment


4.Packaging Automation

5.Cooling & Heating

6.Molds & Injection

7.Recycled Plastics

8.IT & Electronics

9.Medical Monitor & Scan

10.LED Lighting


12.Sports & Trophies


14.Textiles & Safety

15.Corporate Branding

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